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"My husband and I engaged the services of Siera in our home because we were struggling with successfully getting our 3 and 4 year old girls to transition out of what they were doing into  completing routine daily tasks such as putting away toys, getting ready for school, getting ready for bed, etc. The girls, particularly our 4 year old, would get angry and sometimes aggressive at any request that they didn't decide on or any request that caused them to end play. This was a daily pattern. At the very least, they would just totally ignore us. Siera came to our house several consecutive mornings and observed, then modeled, and then coached us in how to help change their behavior. She had follow up conversations with us immediately as well as after her visits were over to continually provide feedback and support. We have experienced significant improvement in the girls' compliance and behavior as a result of Siera's help. Siera continues to provide support any time we need it. I would recommend this service to anyone experiencing behavior issues with children." -A.S.

"When our son began working with Siera in high school, he quickly knew he had found the right person to talk to.  She was understanding and sympathetic to the daily struggles of a teenager yet she didn’t accept his excuses or bad behaviors.  She was able to give him the outlet he needed to get things off his chest, to share his inner demons and to look for guidance on many issues.  He especially enjoyed the fact that he could draw or paint while talking with her.  This avenue of art was particularly therapeutic for him and something we really hadn’t considered.  It was very relaxing for him and allowed him to slowly open up and feel more comfortable sharing his emotions.  Through these sessions he has become much more self-aware which has helped to build his confidence. We have also been impressed with the growth in his emotional maturity and feel that he has gained many tools to help him cope with life's challenges.  Siera was very accessible and flexible with her time.  She quickly returned emails and phone calls. She was very open and honest with us and readily available when we quickly needed advice or suggestions.  We really appreciated knowing there was someone else we could turn to when we didn’t have the answers." -S.D. 


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