Therapeutic Painting Class

Participants are invited to relax their minds and access their inner creativity during a brief meditation.  They will then be guided through the process of making a uniquely beautiful abstract work of art with acrylic paint on canvas using a technique developed by the instructor (Siera Weiss, LCAT). 

Plan a small party for adults or children from the ages of 5 and up! Parties can include up to 6 participants.


The cost of the class is $30 per participant and includes all required supplies (16"x 16" canvas and acrylic paint). Participants are welcome to bring snacks and beverages. 

Classes are held on Saturday evenings and Sunday mornings or afternoons.  The fee is due at the time of sign-up.

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Please call 585-259-4842 or email to enquire about scheduling a group outside of the times listed.