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Somatic Psychotherapy

Somatic psychotherapy is an approach in which one attends to the physical sensations that are being experienced in the body.


Scientific research has proven that, as humans, we store memories, experience and emotions on a cellular level. Which means, it’s not “all in your head”; rather, our bodies hold data as well. This is why many people express feelings of body anxiety even in the absence of anxious thoughts. It’s also why you may find yourself not feeling very safe in your own skin on certain occasions, times of year or in certain environments, even if there is no apparent reason. Often, your body is reminded of something {even when your mind is not} and is sending an alert, a pause, or even a danger signal (


By tuning into the physical sensations that accompany a thought, an emotion, a situation, or a memory, we may gain access to unresolved emotional energy and thereby provide the opportunity for release by tapping into the body's instinctual intelligence.

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