Siera Weiss obtained a Master's degree in Creative Arts Therapy from Nazareth College in 2008. Prior to having her own practice, she worked for 10 years at an agency dedicated to helping youth overcome a variety of difficulties. During that time, Siera learned the power of building a strong connection and its direct relationship to positive changes in a youth's life.  She loves to pass on what she learned working with children and teens to the parents of those she works with in private practice, helping them learn how to respond in ways that strengthen the parent-child relationship and lead to lasting improvements in their children's lives.


Siera is also passionate about communication. She believes that the ability to get along well with others and work through conflicts successfully while remaining true to oneself is the key to happiness. Unsuccessful attempts at communicating feelings tend to be the main cause of conflicts that result in relationship failures. Therefore, her practice includes a very strong emphasis on learning and practicing how to express oneself in a manner that considers the feelings of others and cultivates supportive, healthy relationships.